Taking the guesswork out of cultivation with AI-powered agriculture

As the world’s population continues to grow and climate change poses new challenges, achieving global food security has become increasingly difficult. Traditional agricultural practices struggle to keep pace with demand, and rising costs are putting food out of reach for many.

Join us in our mission to create a more resilient, sustainable food system for the future. Together, we can use innovation to overcome the challenges of food insecurity and build a brighter tomorrow for all.

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We’re building the Operating System of cultivation.

We develop fullstack, in-house, solutions with our proprietary hardware, AI and SaaS to maximize growing certainty and reduce growing costs.

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Digitize Cultivation

Our vision is to create an industry that adapts quickly to constantly changing conditions through extensive analysis of vast data sets.

Culception’s long term goal is enabling the creation of a flourishing global community of cultivators each unique in growing protocols, geo location, climate conditions and risks.

By leveraging a diverse array of data, we are able to digitize the cultivation process to generate valuable insights for the entire community, creating a network effect that benefits all.

For product, press and investment information please reach out to us at: info@culception.com